About Us

Creating Quality Care and Providing for Those in Need

Natalis Outcomes was founded by Dr. Jonathan Hoistad in December of 2012. Dr. Hoistad first started a successful psychology clinic named Natalis in St. Paul, Minnesota. It started with a small private practice and grew to a comprehensive psychological services clinic of 30 clinicians. 

He decided to venture off and wanted to create an outcomes assessment measure called the Health Dynamics Inventory  (HDI Connect), that could track a patient's progress through treatment. The assessment could track if a patient was getting better, worse, or staying the same as they progressed in any kind of treatment they were receiving. It allowed for better quality care to be provided and ultimately improved efficiencies in clinical settings.

More recently, Natalis Outcomes started a newly established program called Behavioral Health Home. This program was implemented because they wanted to better assist those that were not able to receive the resources and support that were necessary to living a better quality of life.

It has been active in the state of Minnesota since August of 2016, and Natalis Outcomes is one of the first providers to lead the exploration of the Behavioral Health Home Services program. The main idea of the program is to better coordinate care for people with serious mental illness. The Behavioral Health Home model offers a coordinated approach to health care, serving the whole person across all areas of health and wellness, from primary care to social services.