About Us

Bridging Care and Wellness by Connecting Those in Need

Natalis Outcomes was founded in 2012 with the development of the HDI Connect.  HDI Connect is a standardized mental, emotional and behavioral assessment that empowers patients to be more engaged in their care .

In 2014 Behavioral Health Home Services was  created to better assist those that were not able to receive the resources and support that were necessary to living a better quality of life. 

Outcomes was one of the first providers to lead the exploration of the Behavioral Health Home Services program in Minnesota. Our goal is to connect people with serious mental illness to quality health care by offering assistance to the individual to resources across all areas of health and wellness, from primary care to social services.  Natalis Ourtcomes BHH is a care coordination program  designed to help clients manage their mental, addiction and physical health.  We look to promote wellness and reduce barriers of access to care that could lead to poor health and high utilization of emergency room and hospital services.

Our approach to care is what sets us apart from other care management methods.  Our team of case managers, care coordination specialists, and nurses monitor the use of health care services and coordinates care between the client, their providers and natural supports to form an extended team that will help the client reach both their mental and physical health goals as well as addressing substance use.

Among other things, the Natalis Outcomes Behavioral Health Home helps clients to:

  • Get needed referrals, services, and support;
  • Access nursing care assessments and management;
  • Become involved in effective treatment;
  • Learn self-advocacy;
  • Make individual plans that include mental, substance, and physical health strengths, needs, and goals; and
  • Get information about care, including patient and family support and education.